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Since DynDNS.org shuts down its free service, the DNS Name of this site needs to be moved. A temporary new DNS Name for this site is: ipindex.dihe.de

The purpose of this IPIndex is to provide a combined view of networks which is lacking (with)in the official whois-servers.
All whois-Information of this index can be obtained from the official Whois-Servers (ARIN, RIPE, and APNIC).

For Anti-Spam reasons all email adresses are masked using the pattern xxxx@xxxx.xxxx.
The unmasked adresses can be obtained from the official Whois-Servers...

Use of this index is for educational and informational purposes only!
Mirroring this site is forbidden.

oldest, not updated entry: 2004-08-15
Last Update: 2013-08-09

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Attention!: This index is like a kind of caching-whois-server. There is no guarantee, that the data is really up to date. If you need reliable information, e.g. contact information for reporting abusers, please use the official whois servers. Additionally this index reflects only a part of all data known by the whois servers.

Intention: This index helps me to identify the origin of varoius attacks to my servers and provides me with a useful tool to deny access to my servers with IP-based blocklists. Maybe it could help you too.

Why not using the whois servers to identify IP addresses? - In the background runs a live monitoring and analyzing tool, which does many ip address lookups. However the offical whois servers are blocking further access after a certain amount of lookups. So I had to decrease the amount of lookups, which ended in the idea of a caching-whois-server.